Created With: Photoshop


My logo was created using Photoshop for my digital resume. A logo sets the tone for the entire brand which is key in public relations. Logos should be simple enough to be legible but able to effectively communicate your brand identity. They should entice an audience and peak the interest of potential customers.

When creating my personal logo, I wanted something that was clear and clean-cut that also captured my personality. I am someone who appreicates the importance of professionalism but believes you should always live colorfully. While I go by Mackenzie, my first name is Holly. I am named after one of my favorite people in the world, my aunt, but since she was already the family's residnet "Holly" I've gone by my middle name since day one. For my name plate I included my full name and for my logo I kept it simple with just the first letter.

ADDRESS: Lexington, Kentucky

PHONE: 859-221-9749