While at Auburn, I have had incredible invovlement opportunites. From being a sports team hostess freshman year to volunteering with the women's resource center my senior year, there was never a dull moment. I am so grateful to have had these opportunities becuase they shaped and defined my leadership and communication skills. Here are a few of the things I've been involved in.

Delta Gamma Fraternity- As the president of a social sorority, I gained invaluable skills regarding management, communication and leadership. In this role I balanced the communiation between our national office, alumnae, advisors, Panhellenic and our chapter members. Managing a group of 265 people taught me how to keep a level head amidst chaos and how to efficiently run an event or meeting. Most of all I was able to see how encouraging it is to be part of a group as large as we are that lifts each other up.

Volunteering- The Women's Resource Center at Auburn was a great way for me to get involved all four years. I was able to volunteer at annual events like the choclate festival and the sexual assault awareness month activities. Knowing Auburn has the resources it does makes me proud to be a student because I know I can count on them to support our student body.

Other organizations through Auburn I was able to be part of include the Catholic Student Association, Public Relations Student Society of America, Rho Lambda Honors Society, Leadershape, Pahellenic, the Women's Leadership Institute and more. These opportuniites shaped my college experience and I wouldn't be leaving with the skills and abilities I have without them.

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