Undergrad: Auburn Univeristy

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Business

Graduation: August 2017

Auburn Univeristy

My experience at Auburn has given me more than I could have imagined. As a public relations student I have been given the tools and skills necessary to begin a lasting career. Because of my dedicated and accomplished professors I have unbelievable mentors who are examples of talent and professionalism. I have been able to gain first-hand experience through my classes, career fairs, internship programs and more because of Auburn University.

I have truly found a passion for public relations. It combines writing, marketing, communication, planning, crisis management and leadership. I am seeking a long-lasting career in this field because I believe it is important to have clear messages communicated in our increasingly digital world. When information is so easily accessed, we need people who will communicate ethically, efficiently and effectively. I think this is especially true in terms of international communication within public policy and politics.

Relevant coursework:
PR Campaigns- For this class, we worked all semester in groups to create a corporate social responsibility campaign for a national client.
Survey Research- In this class, we were given a client to propose a research survey to. We used local businesses as clients and performed communication audits along with situational analyses to decide on the most effective topic to research on behalf of them.
Style and Design- This course teaches everything from HTML coding to InDesign editing. For our final project we created our digital resume and portfolio including several examples of our work.
Case Studies- This course allows us as PR students to see real-world examples of successful or failed communications. It is helpful to see how crises or campaigns have been handled in the past in order to learn what works best.
Multimedia Writing for PR- In this class, we learn the details about specific writing styles within public relations. Ranging from press releases to backgrounders we were able to complete a full media kit for a client of our choice.

Other key courses I've taken so far include International PR, Foundations of PR, Reporting, Journalism Fundamentals, Communication Fundamentals, Public Speaking, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Management and International Marketing.

ADDRESS: Lexington, Kentucky

PHONE: 859-221-9749