PR Campaign

Project: CSR Capmiagn

PR Campaign

For my PR Campaigns class, groups of four people were assigned a national client and tasked with creating a corporate social responsibility campaign. My group's client was Procter and Gamble and we chose their brand, Pampers, to partner with. To choose a CSR initiative we thought about Pampers' audience and decided adoption within the United States was a good partner for the brand.

In this campaign book, you will find out client analysis, SWOT analysis and situational analysis which all gave us the background we needed to begin our own primary research. Through a qualtics survey we found vital information to base the objectives of our campaign on.

Once the reserach was conducted, we presented our campaign goals, objectives and tactics. The booklet includes examples within the appendices of our press releases, social media posts, calendars, budget and logo. This project was unique because it gave us the opportunity to work with a large national client that was able to tackle a social issue as big as adoption. Take a look!

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