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Why public realtions?

PR is about connection. It builds lasting relationships to efficiently communicate important messages. This industry engages people in important conversations and uniquely combines creativity with efficiency. Public relations is world-wide and mixes all kinds of skills to create the most effective message possible. Here are some essential PR skills I have developed:


Whether it's interpersonal conversation or a global audience, effective and deliberate communication is key in building relationships with your public.

Web Design

In an increasingly digital world, I understand the importance of a brand's online presence. HTML and CSS allow for creative and precise web design.


As consumers, we have are given thousands of ideas and products to look at every day. Innovative and efficient marketing is necessary to stick out amongst the crowd.

Event Planning

Maintaining organization and creativity is necessary to run a successful event. From a small dinner party to a national fundraiser, a well-run event requires acute attention to detail.

I aim to be: